August 09, 2014

THE thousand injuries of Tumblr I had borne as I best
could; but when it ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.


Actually I think I’ma just leave bye guys.


Anyone who actually wants to talk to me knows how to get ahold of me.

August 08, 2014
  • 17-year-olds: When I have a job I'm gonna have my own apartment and I'm gonna gets lots of tattoos and piercings and I'm gonna go to lots of concerts and oh yeah I'm gonna go backpacking across Europe!!
  • 20-somethings: Hey can I borrow a dollar so I can buy some more dollar store macaroni and cheese
August 08, 2014





Black male Anime characters

1. Bob Makihara from Tenjou Tenge

2. Abengane from Hunter X Hunter

3. Captain Tousen from Bleach

4. kyosuke Takakura from Nana

5. Darui from Naruto

6. Afro Samurai from Afro Samurai

7. Kirikou Rung from Soul Eater

8. Belfangan Grouseaux from Full Metal Panic, the 2nd Raid

9. Ninja Ninja from Afro Samurai (I think he counts)

10. Panther from Eyeshield 21 

*Akon Voice*And We Taking over! One Manga at a time!

they forgot Dutch from Black Lagoon

I’m impressed Bob is in here. He usually gets no love.

Also, Chocolove from Shaman King

I would like to add my faves:

Ryu Jose from MS Gundam 079

Pyunma aka cyborg 008 from Cyborg 009. But only post 2006 Pyunma because apparently that was the time that it was understood by all parties that blackface is NOT GOOD.

Vanilla Vartla from Armored Trooper Votoms.

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